Polish English translator

I work as a simultaneous interpreter / translator Polish - English and English - Polish. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker's utterance and simultaneously translates his/her words into the other language. Simultaneous interpreting can be either whispering or booth interpreting.

In whispering interpreting (also called chuchotage), a group of receivers is small (1-2 people) and the interpreter whispers the content of the utterance to his/her listeners.

Booth interpreting requires specialist equipment. Interpreters (2 people) sit in a special booth listening to the speech through headphones and transmitting its content to the receivers, who also wear headsets. Each interpreter wears a headset through which he or she hears the speaker through a central PA system. While the interpreter listens to the speaker, he or she speaks into a microphone (transceiver) to the intended recipient who hears the interpreted message simultaneously through headsets or receivers. Simultaneous interpreters must be very highly skilled and trained and they must be perfectly bilingual and able to interpret simultaneously and on-the-fly.

If you may need my assistance as Polish - English or English - Polish simultaneous translator / interpreter do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Karolina Zablocka